Chris Dragos

I completed my Ph.D at the University of Toronto in 2018. I’ve lectured at the University of Toronto and at Ryerson University. My recent research is in group epistemology, meta-epistemology, and the epistemology of scientific collaboration.

My work is published in the American Philosophical Quarterly, Synthese, the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, and elsewhere. I have presented my research at several American Philosophical Association meetings and elsewhere. 

I’m engaged in two research projects. Virtually all extant literature in group epistemology can be classified as intra-group epistemology: analysis of epistemically salient happenings within groups. In my project, “The Epistemology of Group Interaction,” I’ve begun exploring issues in inter-group epistemology: analysis of epistemically salient happenings between groups. In a second project, I’m developing an account of deep epistemic failure or closed-mindedness–what I call epistemic myopia–at both the individual and group levels. I anticipate this project will lead to an account of group polarization, which will dovetail nicely with my project on group interaction.

I’m married to Tarryn, a behaviour analyst who works with children with autism, and with their caregivers. We’re the proud parents of Aurelia and Isaac.

Epistemology; Philosophy of Religion; History & Philosophy of Science.
Early Modern Philosophy; General Humanities.