Chris Dragos

I completed my Ph.D at the University of Toronto in November 2018. I’ve lectured at the University of Toronto and at Ryerson University. My recent research is in group epistemology, in meta-social-epistemology, and in the epistemology of scientific collaboration.

My work is published in the American Philosophical Quarterly, the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Social Epistemology, Metascience, and elsewhere. I have presented my research at several American Philosophical Association meetings and elsewhere. 

I’m engaged in two research projects. Virtually all literature to-date in group epistemology can be classified as intra-group epistemology: analysis of epistemically salient happenings within groups. In my project, “The Epistemology of Group Interaction,” I’ve begun exploring issues in inter-group epistemology: analysis of epistemically salient happenings between groups. In a second project, I’m developing an account of deep epistemic failure or closed-mindedness — what I call epistemic pathology — at both the individual and group levels. I anticipate this project will lead to an account of group polarization, which will dovetail nicely with my project on group interaction.

I’m married to Tarryn, a behaviour analyst and consultant who works with children with autism, and with their caregivers and schools. We’re the proud parents of Aurelia (Dec. ’14) and Isaac (June ’18).

Some things I like: eating, woodworking, popular science (esp. popular astronomy), hockey, mythology, soccer.

Epistemology; Philosophy of Science.
Philosophy of Religion; Ethics; History of Science.